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The methodological approach to the development of the standard set was based on the framework model for ICF Core Set Development proposed by the WHO (WHO, World Health Organization 2001). Firstly, the various perspectives of all potentially relevant user groups as well as the current state of research were recorded in several studies:

Study 1) Using individual interviews to record the points of view of affected people,
Study 2) An online survey to record the perspectives of clinical experts,
Study 3) A clinical-epidemiological study showing the researchers‘ standpoints,
Study 4) Recording an overview of current research by means of a systematic review.

Based on the results of these studies, the standard set was developed as part of a consensus conference in accordance with a formal decision-making process. A total of 23 experts from Germany and Switzerland participated in the consensus conference concerning the standard set: seven nurses, seven physicians, six physical therapists and three occupational therapists, whose expertise were in geriatrics and / or rehabilitation.

On the basis of the standard set, an instrument for the assessment of the effects of joint contractures on the functional capacity and social participation of older persons in geriatric settings – the PaArticular Scale – was developed. In a further step, this instrument was validated.

A total of 100 of the 157 ICF categories of component activity and participation generated in the preliminary studies were selected by the experts in the standard set. The largest number of ICF categories comes from the chapters Mobility, Self-Care / Care and Domestic Life / Family Life.

The consecutively developed and validated PaArticular Scale consists of two scales (both of them independent and interval-scaled) with 24 items for the ICF component “Activity” and 11 items for the ICF component “Participation”. The instrument was developed by using Rasch analysis. With this instrument the social participation of people with joint contractures can be measured and quantified. The scale was first applied in the follow-up project „JointConImprove“.

See detailed informations: JointConImprove.

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