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In accordance with the MRC (Medical Research Council) framework, the pilot study on the feasibility and effectiveness of the intervention was preceded by a multistage development phase (05/2014 to 12/2015) which resulted in a package of measures to improve the social participation and quality of life of nursing home residents with joint contractures: the concept of contracture-sensitive care.

This development phase consisted essentially of six sub-steps:

  1. Identification of existing evidence through a systematic review
  2. Identification of possible intervention targets using graphical models
  3. Determination of participation barriers by means of focus groups at the residents‘ and care levels
  4. Design of the intervention components during a two-day interdisciplinary expert conference
  5. Development of the intervention „contracture-sensitive care“
  6. Implementation concept set up by the project team,
  7. Evaluation of the intervention „contracture-sensitive care“

Subsequently, the concept of contracture-sensitive care was tested for its effectiveness and feasibility in everyday life in seven nursing homes in two regions of Germany (Halle (Saale) and Munich).

See detailed informations: JointConFunctionSet.

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